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Titolo: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Nik - 13 Giugno 2007, 01:43:am

Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Ogeid - 13 Giugno 2007, 18:26:pm

Robin solo
long piano jam
Dizzy solo (Angie)
The Blues
Band introductions/Jam
Richard Solo
Richard & Robin Guitar Duet with Frank
Out Ta Get Me
Piano moving jam
Piano moving jam
Bbf solo (Don't cry)
Baz introduction
My Michelle with Baz
Baz leaves
Bubbles introduction
Liquor & Whores
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Dun - 13 Giugno 2007, 19:26:pm
altro giro altro regalo!!!
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Inserito da: sose - 14 Giugno 2007, 08:43:am
Liquor & Whores che roba è?
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Rob - 14 Giugno 2007, 09:20:am
é riapparsa Chinese Democracy nella scaletta
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Inserito da: Ranma78 - 14 Giugno 2007, 11:02:am
almeno CD è ripparsa....hanno allungato un po'.....almeno quello....
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Nik - 14 Giugno 2007, 15:26:pm
Liquor & Whores che roba è?

è quella che fanno con Bubbles dei Trailer Park Boys
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Rob - 14 Giugno 2007, 20:37:pm
Nov. Rain:
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: sea - 14 Giugno 2007, 22:44:pm
Ma Rocket Queen?
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Rob - 14 Giugno 2007, 22:53:pm
Robin started with the intro to WTTJ, the lights burst onto W. Axl Rose and he let rip with the most powerful 8 words I have ever heard! You all know what I am talking about if you are any sort of fan! Then we were away and Jungle blew us all to bits, Axl’s voice – I cannot describe how powerful and raw it was, just like in 1987-1988. Once they finished that legendary smash and grab song it was straight into Easy and Brownstone without taking a breath. Everyone needed to chill a bit after that 15 minutes of pure adrenalin rush and we then were into Live & Let Die which was done studio standard with no changes to it, this was accompanied by fire balls and various explosions. All simply perfect.

What surprised me was the amount of dancing Axl did during each song and how smoothly and quickly he moved around the stage, much like a man of 25 not 45. Did not see much of the snake swivel dance but lots of one-foot stomping, moon walk forward sort of thing happening, if that makes sense. Anyway my wife thought he looked a million dollars and I thought he looked in great shape, but who cares as he was justing ripping the paint off the walls of that building.

Quick solo by Robin which the crowd loved – I have a new appreciation for this man as he is note-perfect on everything, which was a surprise to me as never been a massive fan. Guitar solo’s throughout the night did not drag at all and crowd showed great appreciation for all of them, especially the Don’t Cry solo by BBF who did it so fucking good you could easily here Axl singing it in your mind even though he wasn’t actually doing so on the stage.

SCOM came next and whilst this was great, the song is very hard for Axl these days and I don’t think he enjoys singing it, probably sick to death of it. But still great to hear it. I should add that throughout the night Axl barely spoke to the crowd but was clearly very very happy and having a great time. He intro’d the band and mentioned Perth crowd were great but Perth Dome was like a vacuum and stuffed up the acoustics a bit, however thought the set up in Adelaide Ent Centre was “awesome” he said. New song Better was spectacular and I PLEAD with everyone not to listen to anything other than a live or CD version of this song and stop downloading leaks and shit as they do not do it justice – it was fantastic and amazingly half the crowd seemed to be singing along (lots of downloading mother-fuckers amongst this crowd). This song will be a classic if the album is ever dropped on us.

KOHD came next, quite a Bluesy version as you have all previously heard, except I am happy to say that after the 4 Knock Knock Knocking On Heaven’s Doors (where crowd sings), Axl absolutely let rip with his own and it was straight off the Live Era CD let me tell you, lifted the roof and was a highlight for me amongst many. The voice, that fucking voice – words cannot describe. Quick break with Richard (Axl called him “Richie” just to be a smart ass and laughed) doing his solo which was almost getting too long but then they ripped into a unbelieveably powerful and true to form YCBM. I could picture that kid in Terminator 2 doing his thing as they powered through this song. Frank on drums is pure thumping power, especially in this song where the drummer has such a major role. Definitely another major highlight.

Dizzy jumped on a Piano and went through a 5 minute solo which was without doubt the best solo I have heard, anywhere, anytime on any instrument! Anyone doubting his role in this band should punch themselves in the head as he played key role all night and his work could be heard clearly. Massive cheer at the end of his solo followed by a very happy bow and wave to the crowd by Dizzy. The other band members seem to really love his solo and his work in general. Tall man too. The solo sounded like Let It Be from Beatles but apparently it was Angie from Stones. It was great. 

New song Blues next and again, cannot be appreciated unless live or in studio/CD version – great work and Axl’s voice strong and smooth (not husky at all).

Out Ta Get Me was as you would expect, with all attitude and power and Axl just turning back the clock to 1988 with this one, giving the crowd the big bird (finger) and generally looking angry and illustrating his disdain for anything resembling authority.

 Axl wondered out to Piano in middle and started tinkering with keys and getting a feel for it while BBF and Richard slowly played down their guitars until it was just Axl on Piano then into November Rain. Crowd singing in this song the most of any of the night, and although I like this song as much as anyone, I was shocked at how good he sang this and how close to the original it was, with the guitar solo’s top notch. This performance illustrated how close he is to being at his best.

I.R.S. was good but music a little over-bearing as struggled to hear Axl at stages in this song. Great that he was rolling out some new stuff though and we all lapped it up.

Bumblefoot Solo – love this man and his talent. He is so Slash with everything he does and his moves and technically he is second to none in my opinion.

 Sebastian Bach is BACK! And he and Axl swap lines for this version of My Michelle from previous performances I have seen and it was superb. What shows up here is that Axl is so powerful vocally at this time that he can easily out-sing a man with a voice like Bazz! However Sebastian was as energetic as ever jumping around like an 18 year old again. Axl smiling and enjoying this with Bazz and generally seems at ease.

Patience – of course crowd singing along with every word but what was great is that they did not impact on Axl’s voice at all and another studio quality version, just with a little more electric influence these days. Frank on drums still kicking ass, as he did all night long.

Liquor & Hoares – Axl rolled out Mexico story about too much booze down there and then mentioned they picked up a hitch-hiker being Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys – this guy looks like a chubby kid with nerdy haircut and big coke bottle eye glasses, but the song itself was really good and Axl and Bubbles did their duet of this song for about 7 minutes I think, Axl loving every minute of this. The song is somewhat similar to Bob Dylan’s “Lets Get Stoned” and it added to the night for sure. Bubbles can also kick ass on guitar. Funny looking guy, way out of place GnR line-up of tattoos, long hair and general “jam it” attitude but I loved this and crowd gave huge cheer when song finished.

Nightrain – the performance of the night without doubt, the voice, again that voice was simply unstoppable during this most legendary song and we could tell Axl loved singing this. POWER, POWER, POWER!

This is where we got a great surprise of the night, the boys letting rip with both Chinese Democracy and Madagascar and they both sounded incredible and went over great with the crowd, although few people new the words to these. My friends who are not as big a fan as I am thought all the new stuff sounded brilliant and could not really work out why it has not been released yet. They will sell millions based on the new stuff we have witnessed tonight.


Paradise Fuckin’ City – without doubt the loudest  actual music of the night, Axl’s voice lost on occasions in all the noise but still the greatest song ever made in my opinion and the work at the end by the guitarists and Frank simply incredible, the power they generated in the fast ending that is Paradise City had to be heard and seen to be believed., along with fire balls and confetti pumping out over the crowd.  In great GnR tradition Axl let go with “Adelaide – Good……………………………Fucking………………………………….Night…………………………Yeah! My life is now complete!

Boys took off for a minute than back for the standard bow allowing crowd to acknowledge a truly incredible performance. 2 hours and 20 minutes of power! Axl than grabbed mic’ for the last time and yelled Aussie, Aussie Aussie  to which the crowd responded in kind with Oi’ Oi Oi (he did this 3 times in a row) as we do down here. For non Australians this is a sporting chant that happens at a lot of sports events where Australian sportspeople are playing. Axl was pretty happy with this effort, waved and he was gone! 

What a night, not one person complained about 11pm start as we all knew this would be the case, and only a few people with small kids left before the end. 15,000 people in what is a fairly quiet conservative forgotten city in Australia got a once in a lifetime chance to see the kings and his men. It was better than anyone could have expected and I leave you all with this – Axl’s voice is back to its peak, better than 1991-1993 model and almost back to 1986-1990 standard.

Cheers………………Brett, Adelaide, Australia
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Inserito da: Ranma78 - 15 Giugno 2007, 15:49:pm
non mi pare male come recensione...

e concordo sopratutto sulla parte di Nightrain.....è una song che oltre a piacere molto ad Axl..riesce sempre a farla bene...sempre molto potente...anche nel 2002... dove lui non era al max...cmq..nightrain spiccava sulle altre. Vero che Bh ci aggiungeva qualcosa di grande nell' io in questo caso parlavo della voce..
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Inserito da: Rob - 17 Giugno 2007, 16:49:pm


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Inserito da: Rob - 17 Giugno 2007, 16:55:pm
The opening line was nothing near what I have seen in other recent concert recordings yet something I will never forget, Welcome To The Jungle was never a favorite of mine and seeing it live didn't much change my opinion. Axl took some time to warm to the occasion it seemed but by the time Live And Let Die came around he was firing on all cylinders. LALD is another song I have skipped a lot over the years, as is YCBM yet these were probably the best performed songs of the night, vocals, guitar, everything. Its is quite obvious in these tracks that Guns are a well oiled banned not Axl and hired help.
The whole set was amazing in terms of the bands compatibility and timing. I've heard so much about how they don't gel well on stage and I have no idea where this comes from, what concert are these people watching? If anything Fink sometimes stuck out like a sore thumb and Frank blended in with the backdrop but Guns'N'Roses today rival the line up of any past in regard to performing as the one unit and doing so happily enough. Promising.

I'm not sure if anybody else noticed but a number of times Richard (from memory, maybe others as well) strummed opening lines to something and got a lot of humorous response from Axl and the band until eventually Axl said "No!" and laughed. Perhaps something new is coming soon? or perhaps just an inside joke. Everyone was in a very, very good mood and to me personally it didn't seem to be the good mood a holiday in Adelaide would put you in more like somebody had received some good news of late. Probably reading to much into it but what the hell, its fun to speculate.

Amazing set list and hearing Madagascar and The Blues live is something I truly appreciate. Other highlights were the KOHD sing along of course and the Don't Cry solo although the crowd participation left a lot to be desired on both accounts. LALD has been stuck in my head for days.

Lowlights, Adelaide itself. I'm sorry for you locals and I realize it was a Wednesday night but the place seems horrid. I spent the night at the Casino where I seen a few die hard Skid Row fans and a few roadies and television 'stars' before heading back to the hotel at eight in the morning and hungry for more. Pretty sad when the highlight excluding the concert was looking through the bars into Adelaide Oval and checking out some memorial statues and architecture. Haha perfect place for a Stones concert. Everybody was either staking out the hotel straight across the road or heading home to bed.
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Inserito da: Ranma78 - 18 Giugno 2007, 15:09:pm
molto molto bella la foto nel secondo articolo.....

anche l'articolo stesso non è male..
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Rob - 19 Giugno 2007, 22:57:pm
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Rob - 27 Giugno 2007, 09:26:am
foto e review:

3 bands.... 5 and a half hours of pure ROCK N ROLL. I have been to my fair share of rock concerts in my time but without a doubt, this topped the lot. Nothing i've ever been to has come close.

To be completely honest, I didn’t go to this concert expecting a thriller or something spectacular, I just went to see Axl (hoping he’d be half the front man he used to be). Who knows when or if he will be back? Happily, in true Gunners style, it was spectacular. Axl is still one of the greatest rock front men. Sure, theres no Slash and Duff but pfft... the new Gunners rocked just as hard - although it does take three guitarists to take Slash's place.

Rose Tattoo were the first, and Angry Anderson may have saw the Gunners grow up but he can still rock with crowd favourite, Bad Boy For Life. Even not knowing all the songs, I was impressed with the performance.

Sebastian got the crowd revved as soon as he set foot on stage, singing old Skid Row classics and screaming out, “I’ve been waiting 17 years to say “HERE I AM!!!” The veteran heavy metal singer then launched into Slave to the Grind classic track, 18 and Life

Sebastian’s vocal range is fantastic, he should NOT be a support act, why isn’t he headlining his own tour? His new tracks also rock just as hard as I’ve ever heard him rock before; he’s a pure entertainer.

When he yelled, 'I've been waiting all night to say, Adelaide, Australia, I Remember You" and burst into the song, the crowd went ballistic. Sebastian still rocks as hard as ever!

At 11.15pm, everything went dark and Robin launches into the intro for Welcome To The Jungle. Light floods the stage and Axl lets rip those 8 powerful, mind blowing words.

The whole crowd went nuts, Axl’s voice in this song was amazing - the pure power of the track, how well it was performed. It took me a minute to realize, this isn’t a tribute band, this is still Guns N Roses. Without taking a breath, they were straight into Easy and Brownstone in quick succession. Axl was running wild on the stage - you could see how excited he was to be back.

During “Live And Let Die,” the stage lit with fire balls, the crowd singing every word of every song, while Axl was running up and down the stage, dancing like it was 1987.

Axl quickly left the stage (probably to get a drink) as Robin went into a solo, which everyone loved. There were three guitar solos throughout the night, but it didn’t make the night drag at all. In fact, it gave me a insight into how good these three guitarists actually are. Who needs Slash, yes I said it, and you would too if you heard the Don’t Cry solo by Ron Thal.

The crowd screamed as soon as they heard the opening noes of Sweet Child O’ Mine. Axl ran back on, he can definitely still sing it, and enjoyed it immensely. What a legend! Then, Knocking On Heavens Door and if that roof was still on, well lets just say – it’s now in Perth. Axl sang this song like I’d never heard anyone sing a song in my life. His voice was perfect, beyond perfect. Then came the new track, Better. A lot of people seemed to know this song already, sure to be classic.

Then Dizzy (the only other original member) jumped on the grand piano and played his heart out. This guy just made me respect the piano so much more. He played Angie by The Rolling Stones, an epic solo, undoubtedly the best solo I have ever heard. Axl then went into a new song called The Blues,followed by a powerful Out Ta Get Me.

The grand piano then rolled back onto the stage. Axl takes a seat, and starts to play around with the keys. Then he goes into November Rain. If there wasn’t enough highlights for the night yet, add this to the collection. The crowd sang along to every word, the song being performed perfectly, the guitar solos a perfect match. This song made my night.

Then Sebastian Bach comes running back onto the stage for My Michele !!!! I revelled in how powerful their voices are as they both swap lines, running around the stage. I really have forgotten what year we are in!! Guns N Roses!! Skid Row!!

Next up was a rousing rendition of Patience, following by Nightrain. This was the most energetic, excellent, fantastic, outstanding, electrifying part of the night. Axl’s voice simply tore down the walls. This song rocked the whole of Australia!!

A couple of new songs followed: “Chinese Democracy,” “Madagascar” and “There Was A Time”. Don’t turn a blind eye to these tracks, they are all amazing. I am really waiting on the new album now! I love the new Guns N Roses.

Then as I expected and had been waiting for. What the crowd expected and had been waiting for. PARADISE CITY. The crowd put shock waves throughout the whole city. The band put shock waves throughout the whole country!

Fire balls coming from the stage, red confetti being shot into the crowd, the music so loud, Axl’s voice at its peak… can you imagine what the crowd was like? Then Axl leaves the stage.

When they re-appear and Axl yells, “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI” three times. Then leaves again. The crowd’s send off was fantastic. Axl loved it, he loved Adelaide. It was one hell of a night, one hell of a 2 hours and 15 minute Gunners set, one hell of a energetic Axl who had obviously been saving his voice just for us. What a legend! What a front man! What a band!

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Inserito da: Zzz - 27 Giugno 2007, 13:37:pm
Il leggendario Brain? @31
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Immon - 27 Giugno 2007, 16:59:pm
Il leggendario Brain? @31

Non hai il suo poster in camera?
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Inserito da: Ranma78 - 27 Giugno 2007, 22:01:pm
Il leggendario Brain? @31

si è una cosa che avevo notato anche io.....mah....

come quando scrive che ha fatto una coppia di new song..e ne scrive 3.....mah....
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Inserito da: Mur - 28 Giugno 2007, 00:51:am
ma voi le leggete tutte ste robe?
Titolo: Re: 13/06/2007 - Adelaide, SA, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Inserito da: Rob - 28 Giugno 2007, 09:17:am
ma voi le leggete tutte ste robe?

io sì.....
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Inserito da: Kaisercisco - 29 Giugno 2007, 22:31:pm
che poi, voglio dire...

tutti ste review a me fanno incazzare x un motivo molto semplice. sono tutte entusiastiche. ed è giusto che lo siano, voglio dire sono più o meno sulla falsariga delle nostre dopo il gods of metal...e questo perchè il gruppo, porca miseria, è grande, spacca, e vederlo dal vivo per un fan è esaltante.

ma cazzo è un anno e passa che siamo fermi alla solita solfa...