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October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
« il: 12 Ottobre 2010, 10:40:am »


Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Shackler's Revenge
Richard solo
Live And Let Die
This I Love
Rocket Queen
Dizzy solo
Street of Dreams
You Could Be Mine
D.J. Ashba solo
Sweet Child O' Mine
Band jam (Another Brick In The Wall)
Axl piano solo
November Rain
Ron solo
Nice Boys
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Guitar intro
Don't Cry
Whole Lotta Rosie
Paradise City
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Re: October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
« Risposta #1 il: 14 Ottobre 2010, 03:05:am »
bene, eccomi; ho deciso all'ultimo minuto di andare visto che ho trovato un biglietto standing.

che dire, il concerto di oggi è stato molto meglio che quello a reading, sotto tanti punti di vista.

intanto non hanno iniziato con troppo ritardo, verso le dieci meno venti erano sul palco.

hanno suonato quasi tre ore, perché mi pare sia finito verso mezzanotte e mezza..!

axl era davvero in forma. ha cantato da dio, e si vedeva lontano un miglio che era di ottimo umore.

verso l'inizio del concerto qualcuno ha lanciato un bicchiere mezzo vuoto verso il palco. e' finito tra axl e ron. ron l'ha raccolto, c'era uno sputo di birra dentro (spero fosse birra). lui l'ha bevuta, ha rilanciato il bicchiere e ha fatto il dito medio.

poi la gente lanciava cose sul palco, tipo pellicce o magliette, e axl le indossava. e poi tirava quelle sue occhiate da bastardo, piene di maliziosità. ha tenuto tutti in pugno. io ero abbastanza davanti e verso il centro, e lì sotto c'era una bella atmosfera. poi quando mi guardavo in giro vedevo tutti in piedi sugli spalti, ad applaudire e saltare.

durante you could be mine hanno proiettato immagini di gare di formula uno, spettacolare.

la scaletta è stata molto bella. ha fatto nice boys don't play rock'n'roll e whole lotta rosie, mai sentite in diretta cantate da lui e rendono davvero bene.
hanno fatto anche shlacker's, che però non funziona benissimo, soprattutto le strofe cantate così basse.
per la prima volta ho anche visto axl senza cappello e senza bandana e senza treccine. capelli naturali. sembrano in salute, non ha proprio l'aria di un parrucchino.

in generale, però, devo ripetere la critica mossa già in occasione di reading. la scaletta così come è organizzata spezza un po' il ritmo, e fa disperdere un po' di eccitazione nel pubblico, soprattutto nella fase centrale del concerto. axl se ne va spesso e ci sono troppi soli.

l'inizio però è stato molto bello, così come l'ultima parte.

menzione speciale per dj ashba che prenderei a schiaffi dalla mattina alla sera.

comunque molto bello, domani vado ancora al 90%, ho trovato gia' uno che mi vende i biglietti...

ah, all'inizio del concerto ero vicino ad un gruppetto di italiani. uno aveva un bastone fluorescente tra i capelli e assomigliava a maldini. magari sono del forum. appena iniziato poi non li ho visti più.

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Re: October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
« Risposta #3 il: 14 Ottobre 2010, 12:30:pm »
Important Events:
-Axl before Sorry: "Now now now lets not be throwing things you might miss me and hit one of these nice people down front and we don't want that to happen"
-Axl weared a KFC bucket a short moment during Whole Lotta Rosie.

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Re: October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
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Don't Cry...Axl without bandana's


si però il pubblico dorme, non esiste!!


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Re: October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
« Risposta #5 il: 14 Ottobre 2010, 15:15:pm »
Guns N' Roses 'on form' for UK return

Guns N' Roses have played their first gig in the UK since their divisive, late-running slots at this summer's Reading and Leeds festival.

Axl Rose, the only original member still present, led his band through a two-hour 40-minute set at London's O2 arena, finishing after midnight.

Fans said the show was an improvement on the band's festival dates.

"After Reading it was a saviour," said fan Jerry Cottel. "I thought Axl Rose was back on form tonight."

He added: "Axl made up for it a little bit. At least he managed to finish with Paradise City instead of talking through a megaphone as he did at Reading."

The band finished after the last underground train to central London had left, but the venue laid on extra transport to get fans home.

Fans who stayed the course appeared united in their praise.

Charlie Hope, from Bayswater, said: "It was astounding energy from all of them. It was really true to the original versions.

"We were hoping for a Reading-style story, but it turned out he was very good."
"War" with promoters

In August, the band attempted to play through their extended curfews at the festivals which led to lead singer Axl Rose declaring "war" on the promoters as he left the stage.
Guns N' Roses fan Guns N' Roses fan Jerry Cottel said Axl Rose 'was back on form'

Festival organiser Melvin Benn replied by saying he would book the band again but "wasn't sure they'd play for me".

A few days later the band walked off stage during a gig in Dublin after being hit by plastic bottles thrown by the crowd.

On this, the first night of the UK tour, the band played a set heavily reliant on their most recent album Chinese Democracy along with hits like November Rain, Mr Brownstone, Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City and Sweet Child O' Mine.

They also performed covers of Bob Dylan's Knocking On Heavens Door and Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall.

Rose kept any on-stage chat to a minimum, but politely warned the crowd not to throw bottles.

The tour continues tonight (14 October) with a second night at London's O2 arena.

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Guns N' Roses Make Trouble Free Comeback At London Gig
Band thrill fans in London...

Guns N' Roses performed in the UK last night (October 13) for the first time since their much talk about appearance at this summer's Reading and Leeds festivals.

The band thrilled fans at the first of two shows at London's O2 Arena, playing for almost three hours.

Songs in the group's set included 'Chinese Democracy', 'Welcome To The Jungle', 'Nice Boys' and closer 'Paradise City'.

Singer Axl Rose kept crowd interaction to a minimum during the performance, and didn't refer to the band's troubled festival appearances in August.

Guns N' Roses upset festival-goers when they arrived late for both shows. In Reading, the band's sound was also cut by organisers.

However, in London last night the group played beyond midnight and fans were warned beforehand about transport arrangements to-and-from the venue.

Fans have been reacting positively on Guns N' Roses fan sites, with one saying the band were “on top form” at the concert.

On Twitter, support act Sebastian Bach said: “Show was cool! London crowd needed some warming up in the beginning, but by the end it was an ass kicking rock show!”

Guns N' Roses are scheduled to perform at the O2 Arena again tonight (October 14), before touring

REVIEW: Guns N Roses In London

14th October 2010

Guns N Roses kicked off their brief UK jaunt in London last night and Planet Rock was there to see what happened.

These days it’s impossible to go to a Guns N Roses concert without considering a number of factors – whether the gig will happen, whether some moron will throw something at Axl prompting an immediate walk-off. Your main concern, though, is simply how you get home if you’re using public transport and the gig doesn’t finish until really, really late. So it was with some concern that upon arriving at the O2 Arena for GNR’s first UK date on this four date jaunt we are greeted with a sign saying that the gig is due to finish at midnight but if you want to catch the last tube home you have to leave the gig at 11.30pm (this, incidentally, turned out not to be true. TFL ran extra trains but didn’t tell anyone which meant thousands of people left early unnecessarily).

GNR took to the stage at 9.40pm to the title track from their latest album, and it was immediately apparent that Axl Rose still has THAT voice. His absolutely unique wail is as recognisable and strong as it always has been. Unfortunately the voice now has to compete with two keyboard players, a drummer, a bassist and three guitarists all seemingly fighting for supremacy in what occasionally descended into a muddy mess of noise.

That being said, an awesome 1-2-3 of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, ‘It’s So Easy’ and ‘Mr Browstone’ prompted the sold out, and slightly irritated crowd to let loose a little. This classic Appetite trio is followed by an inspired ‘Sorry’ from the new album, but it’s at this point that things started to get a little wonky.

A pretty bad ‘Shackler’s Revenge’ is followed by an extended guitar solo cover of the James Bond theme tune. A cracking ‘Live And Let Die’ is then followed by one of the more amazing momentum-stopping set choices ever seen - a version of one of Chinese Democracy’s weaker moments, the piano ballad ‘This I Love’.

The sudden lull continues via another instrumental jam and another new album song. Classic singles such as ‘You Could Be Mine’, ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ and ‘November Rain’ are interspersed with elongated instrumental jams before the oddest moment of the night – an unnecessarily long (about 3 minutes) cover of the Pink Panther theme tune throughout which 18000 fans have one simple thought running through their minds “We have to leave this gig early in a few minutes time and instead of being played music we actually want to hear we get some pointless noodling”.

By the time the band have rattled through another Chinese Democracy number and a Rose Tattoo cover it’s time to leave to catch the last tube home and we haven’t even reached the encore. We manage to catch ‘Knockin On Heaven’s Door’ on the way out but, alas, we are forced to join the masses of people already heading for the exit door.

So what are a 21st Century Guns N Roses like? Well, they’re fine. They have a propensity for both genius and the mundane. They play the songs that you love with the proficiency that you would expect from a bunch of well seasoned musicians. And Axl still has the voice. If you close your eyes you will occasionally be fooled that it’s 1988 all over again.

The sound at the O2 was, however, very ropey for the whole show with large segments a muddy mess of noise which forced Axl Roses’ voice into the background at times when it should have soared. There were way too many breaks, too many instrumental jams and too many songs from the new album which disrupted the flow of the set. There was also a noticeable lack of spontaneity from the band giving it as much edge as a rubber dinghy.

The thing that really irks, though, and the thing that really spoiled GNR’s return to the UK is the lack of respect to the fans. Allowing a gig to start at a time which meant that roughly a third of the audience thought that they had to miss the end of the show is, to put it mildly, annoying. To put on extra trains and not tell anyone? Absolutely ridiculous. Either the venue, the promoter, the band or London transport – or whoever was responsible for the transport shambles at the end of the evening - should apologise and, in a just world, reimburse fans that missed 30 minutes of a set just so that they could get home without having to walk through east London at 1am.

Axl can still redeem himself and his band’s reputation, and has every chance of being brilliant once again. There are glimpses of this throughout the show as he really hits his stride and the band are fantastic. But fans are losing patience with the nonsense that seems to follow Guns N Roses around, and it’s so disappointing that once again something other than the music has spoiled the occasion for so many people.

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Re: October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
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Re: October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
« Risposta #7 il: 14 Ottobre 2010, 16:07:pm »
no no...dal vivo proprio non mi piace..


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Re: October 13th, 2010 - London, UK @ The O2
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per me la parte basse delle strofe è in playback

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