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R: Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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Ecchissono? I Kiss?
È Las Vegas, baby


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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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Ecchissono? I Kiss?

allora dovevi scrivere : eKissono?   

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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is going all out for the upcoming Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite for Democracy’ Las Vegas residency, even adding a special drink menu for those coming out to the shows.

Blabbermouth reports that during the band’s November run, The Joint, Vinyl, and all of Hard Rock’s bars will serve themed drinks dedicated to Guns N’ Roses, carefully crafted by the venue’s mixology experts. There are six specialty items in all and they include:

- Patience Punch – This tasty treat consists of Ketel One, Triple Sec, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine. Knock one back for $10.

- November Rain – The tart concoction consists of Belvedere Lemon Tea and fresh lemonade. It costs $10.

- Liquid Dream Shot – This fruity libation features a mix of Absolut Raspberry, Absolut Vanilla, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and grenadine. Drink one down for $9.

- The Axl Rose – Bound to be a favorite, this drink comes with Champagne, cranberry juice and belvedere vodka. It costs $10.

- Paradise City Limits – Consists of Cruzan Rum, Watermelon Picker, pineapple juice and grenadine. It costs $8.

- Welcome to the Jungle – Just like the song, this one packs a punch. The drink includes Jim Beam, Triple Sec, Midori, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and sweet and sour. It costs $8.

The drinks will be available at all Hard Rock Hotel & Casino bars between Oct. 31 and Nov. 24, the length of the band’s run at the venue. The ‘Appetite for Democracy’ residency is expected to cover songs from throughout Guns N’ Roses’ career, with the band performing special set lists each night. For ticketing information, check the Hard Rock website here.

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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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allora dovevi scrivere : eKissono?   


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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
« Risposta #74 il: 26 Ottobre 2012, 15:06:pm »
Dizzy Reed talks about Guns N’ Roses’ upcoming residency in Vegas

In less than a week Sin City will be home to the legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses. The group is setting up shop at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for their first residency, “Appetite for Democracy.”  Their 12-show run at The Joint starts Oct. 31 and runs through Nov. 24.

To honor the occasion, the Hard Rock is renaming their street to welcome the rockers to Vegas. On Oct. 29 Hard Rock and Clark County will declare Paradise Road to be known as Paradise City Road. The name pays homage to the group’s record-breaking hit “Paradise City.”

“Appetite for Democracy” will feature an exclusive set list that spans the group’s biggest hit songs from their debut album, “Appetite for Destruction” (1987), to their most recent platinum-selling album, “Chinese Democracy” (2008).

Today’s GNR lineup consists of frontman and founder Axl Rose, DJ Ashba (guitar), Dizzy Reed (keyboards), Tommy Stinson (bass), Richard Fortus (guitar), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (guitar), Chris Pitman (keyboards) and Frank Ferrer (drums).

“There’s definitely going to be some cool surprises, and I don’t want to give anything away,” said Reed. “The main thing is that [fans] are going to see a kickass rock and roll show. ”

Reed joined GNR in 1990, making him the longest-running member in the band aside from Rose. He played on both the “Use Your Illusion I and II” albums and contributed to a majority of the songs, including “Dust N Bones,” “Live and Let Die,” “Novemeber Rain,” “Garden of Eden,” “Civil War” and “Yesterdays.” had a chance to talk to Reed about the group’s upcoming residency and what it means to the band to be playing in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Here’s what he had to say:

What made the band decide to do this residency in Vegas at the Hard Rock?

“Vegas is a fun town, a great place to play. We love playing there. Great atmosphere, very festive,  so it seemed like a good idea.”

What does the band have planned for the residency shows?

“We’ll do a lot of drinking, a lot of gambling, hope to play some golf during the day and yeah and play at night.”

Are fans in Vegas going to see anything different with your residency shows than they would when the band is on tour?

“There’s definitely going to be some cool surprises, and I don’t want to give anything away. The main thing is that they’re going to see a kickass rock and roll show. That’s what we deliver, and we do it every  night. That’s where it’s at; that’s the bottom line.”

What about your set list? What do you have planned?

“Well, we have a shitload of songs worked up, and we have for a while. You know the thing with this band and the way it’s always been with this band is there’s never really a set set list. It’s just more of a guide. … We have a huge repertoire, and we’ll be pulling stuff from that every night?”

When you’re not performing are you going to be staying in Vegas?

“As far as I know, we’re going to be hanging in Vegas most of the time, the whole time probably. I may have to come home maybe once or twice just to check on the place, but for the most part we’ll hanging there. So, you’ll see us around out on the golf course, in the casinos, the nightclubs – that’s what Vegas is all about.”

What does it mean to you that 2012 is also the 25th anniversary of “Appetite for Destruction?”

“The whole anniversary thing is pretty amazing to me – it just makes me feel kind of old. I’ve been in this band a long time. That’s a lifetime for a lot of people, but it’s cool that it’s still going strong. It’s great to be a part of it. Like I said, this is just a kickass band, and we definitely do it all justice.”

Why do you think that album continues to be so iconic today?

“Today I think music is so much more about the production and the bells and the whistles and the tones and the sounds, who won ‘American Idol.’ It’s more about the presentation, but at the end of the day if you can sit down and play a song on your acoustic guitar or on the piano and it still sounds great, that’s what it’s all about. I think that record comes from that period of time when you had to have that.”

I know you joined the band after that album came out, but what is it like for you to play those songs for fans 25 years after ‘Appetite’ was released?

“Well, you know, we’ve been playing a lot of those songs for a long time, but when I first joined the band, I was a big fan of that record. It’s always a treat for me to add what I can to those songs. I always think it’s good to twist things around a little bit when you play things live. To me, it’s always kind of disappointing to go see a band and they play their record exactly the same as the record from beginning to end. It’s a little boring… To add anything creatively and to help deliver it to people that’s always a treat. That’s why we do this.”

Are you working on any new music now?

“We’ve been kicking some ideas around. We have some time off in Vegas. Hopefully we’ll be able to organize ourselves to get in a room and continue to refine a lot of those ideas and see what happens. I think as a whole this particular lineup has never really written together. We have in smaller groups…it could be great, it could be a disaster, you never know. We have three guitar players. You have three guitar players in a room together it’s always going to be volatile, but I shouldn’t say that because those guys are great. They actually work really great together, and they’re all so good. They’re the top of the heap, and for them to be able to work things out and present it the way we do every night live, it’s pretty amazing. I’m sure we can harness that energy and that vibe and get stuff recorded.”

There always seems to be some controversy surrounding GNR, but what do you want fans to know about the band and your music?

“I just want our fans to know we’re thinking about them. We always do because it’s for them. Everything we do is for the fans. As far as controversy and stuff, I probably said something in this interview that’s going to start something. I never know (laughs)… We’re here for the fans and we appreciate the fans, especially the ones that have been fans for such a long time and the ones that have come out and seen the new band. I know there’s always been skeptics, obviously, and the ones that actually come out, I think most of them walk away going, ‘Wow that was cool; that is a great band.’ So if you haven’t seen us yet come check it out.”

What does it mean to you that GNR is going to be part of the entertainment lineup in Vegas?

“You know when I was growing up it was such a really cool special thing. You heard about the Rat Pack  performing there.  Then when Elvis did his residency, that was just a huge thing. It was just like magic – you just wanted to be there. So I think , you know, not that we’re as cool as Elvis or anything, but we’re still alive, that’s a positive, and just to be a part of that, that’s pretty awesome.”

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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
« Risposta #75 il: 26 Ottobre 2012, 15:07:pm »
Guns N' Roses planning most elaborate spectacle yet for extended Vegas stay

When DJ Ashba was but 9 years old he was already playing guitar in cover bands, small in stature if not aspiration.

"I remember trying to play Guns N' Roses songs," he says, recalling a bit of youthful prescience.

Today, Ashba sits in a backroom of The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel as one of the guitarists of the band whose locomotive riffs and finger-spraining solos challenged him as a kid.

It took close to three decades to get the gig, but here he is, reclining on a couch, talking about GNR's upcoming "Appetite for Democracy" 12-show residency at the venue.

"We're doing stuff that we've never done before at any shows," he boasts, though boasting isn't really his thing.

Ashba looks like an extrovert, someone comfortable being at the center of attention, with tattooed arms as brightly colored as macaw plumage sticking out of a sleeveless blue flannel shirt, matching lip and nose rings and the fashionably distressed cowboy hat of a range-riding goth.

He has the appearance of a rock star - and he certainly is - but he doesn't always carry himself like one, a thoughtful, soft-spoken presence who's gradually gone from outcast to insider.

"It was really tough as a kid," Ashba recalls of growing up in the soybean country of central Illinois. "I would spend most of my time under our stairs in the basement. I felt so alone. I couldn't really relate to anyone. I didn't know why I felt like I did. I just knew I wasn't in the right place. I knew that I didn't belong there."

As confusing as his childhood was at times, it would prepare Ashba well for eventually joining Guns N' Roses, a band of misfits who made not fitting in both a visual and musical aesthetic.

The album that started it all for the band, that got Ashba and millions of others hooked, that continues to stand as a landmark of sleaze, danger and leather, 1987's "Appetite for Destruction," turned 25 this year and is still the heart that pumps the blood through the band's veins, even though only singer Axl Rose remains from the lineup that recorded the album.

This has long been a sore spot for certain GNR loyalists, some of whom have gone so far as to show up to the band's gigs sporting the signature top hat of former guitarist Slash in protest of his absence from the current incarnation of the group.

"If you're coming out to see the old band, you're going to be bummed," Ashba says. "They haven't been around for well over 15 years. If you're coming out with an open mind, you're going to get your ass kicked hard. That I can promise."

Guns N' Roses lived up to Ashba's words the last time the band was in town for a pair of shows New Year's weekend, also at The Joint.

On the first night of the two-day stand, the band powered through a sweaty, completely over-the-top, three-hour demonstration of rock 'n' roll of button-bursting heft.

In a town of all-you-can-eat buffets, this was the hard rock equivalent.

In addition to Ashba, the band features two more guitarists (Ron "Bumblefoot" Thall and Richard Fortus), all of whom soloed at will, oblivious to concision.

Rose seldom stopped moving, and when he did, it was to plant his feet and send his voice hurtling up to the rafters in his trademark shriek that still hammers eardrums the way a blacksmith pounds his anvil.

Meanwhile, there was so much pyro going off that nostrils were stung by the acrid sent of sulfur that lingered in the air after the explosions.

It was spectacle served in corpulent portions, a thoroughly overstuffed performance - but that was the whole point.

From the outset, this band has been defined by excess, initially of a darker, drugs and booze variety, but this same too-much-is-never-enough spirit still propels the group forward.

For their extended Vegas stay, GNR is planning their most elaborate production yet.

"When you're on the road, you can only do so much a night because the show has to be big, but it can't be too big to where you can't tear it down and get it to the next state," says Ashba, who now lives in Vegas. "This is something where we can custom build a stage just for the venue, we can bring in the right lighting. You can do so many things and really cater to the venue that you're playing in."

Ashba also says that the band will mix things up songwise from night to night.

"We don't want to play the same show 12 times in a row," he explains. "We do know that there's people who are going to see the show four or five times, and our main goal is to make sure that it's a different experience every show.

"What Axl's really good at doing is reading the crowd," he continues. "We never follow a set list. Basically, we just kind of go from song to song and throw it out on the spot, in between every song, and that's what makes every show so spontaneous and different. It makes it a little more nerve-racking, but it makes it fun and real. It doesn't get stale."

It's hard to imagine life in this band ever growing old for Ashba, a music lifer who started playing piano at age 3 at his mother's prompting.

All these years later, he's still performing some of the same songs he did as a kid, handed the key to a "Paradise City" all his own.

"I never doubted what I was going to do," Ashba says of a career in rock 'n' roll. "In fact, I dated a girl all through high school, and I remember telling her in the sixth grade, 'I'm just letting you know, one day, I'm going to L.A. to become a rock star.' As soon as I graduated, I went, 'All right, I'm out.'

"She didn't believe me," he says, savoring the memory, "but I always knew."

Contact reporter Jason Bracelin at jbracelin@ or 702-383-0476.

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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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DjASHBA: Brand New @gunsnroses Display at The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas! With my @ashbaswag

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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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Uccideteli tutti. In un colpo solo. Caput.


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Re:Appetite For Democracy Tour 2012
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Las Vegas' Paradise Road To Be Renamed Paradise City Road In Honor Of GUNS N' ROSES - Oct. 27, 2012

On Monday, October 29, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and Clark County will declare Paradise Road to be known as Paradise City Road in honor of rock legends GUNS N' ROSES' first-ever residency, Appetite For Democracy, at The Joint. The street will pay homage to GUNS N' ROSES' record-breaking hit "Paradise City" through the band's extended run Wednesday, Oct. 31 - Saturday, Nov. 24.

At 2:30 p.m., members of GUNS N' ROSES will celebrate with a renaming event in Hard Rock Hotel's parking lot in front of Paradise Road, next to the main valet entrance. Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow will declare the street be temporarily known as Paradise City Road and present the GUNS N' ROSES band members with an official street sign. They will be joined by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Chief Operations Officer Jody Lake and Vice President of Entertainment Paul Davis, and AEG Live Las Vegas' Marketing Director Suzanne Richardson. During the event, the group will address the crowd and pose for photos.

Las Vegas will never be the same as the world's most iconic rock band, GUNS N' ROSES, takes over Sin City with their first-ever residency Appetite For Democracy at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The band will play 12 shows starting Wednesday, October 31 through Saturday, November 24.

Each night, the band will perform an electrifying show featuring a set list created exclusively for The Joint. Appetite For Democracy will span the band's biggest hits from their debut album "Appetite For Destruction" (1987) through their platinum-selling record "Chinese Democracy" (2008). Exact details about the show are being kept under wraps but fans can expect the raw and gritty heavy metal GUNS N' ROSES is known for along with a few surprise elements. Produced exclusively by AEG Live, Appetite For Democracy is unlike any show the band has ever done before or will ever do again.

Ticket prices start at $45 (plus applicable services fees). To purchase tickets or for more information, visit the Hard Rock box office, all Ticketmaster locations,, or charge-by-phone at 800.745.3000. Ticket and room packages are available at

Monday, Oct. 29 at 2:30 p.m.
Presenting of the Paradise City Road sign
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Parking lot, main entrance off Paradise Road
4455 Paradise Road

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