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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
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la prima...


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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
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Piccola recensione dell'utente Whiny di HTGTH

have just come back from nova rock; here my impressions:

it was not what i was hoping for... in a few words: ON THE ONE HAND i was surprised how great the sound was (way better than budapest); "better" rocked, especially during chorus and bridge; "madagascar" was well received, "blues" was good and "irs" not as bad as i had thought; almost all of the appetite songs were amazing: finck and fortus did heartfelt solos and cool posing; bumblefoot was... just bumblefoot (maybe some people thought it was slash); BUT ON THE OTHER HAND: the long guitar / piano solos were really boring and annoying (besides "beautiful" which was quite...yeah beautiful); many people went home during the gnr gig for that or another reason (bloodhound gang had more than 2 times as many people coming, which is a shame); also: the few jams they did were just some motivs repeated all of the time (e.g. when a piano was brought on stage). i understand that axl wants to introduce the new band... but i don`t know if that`s the right way... everytime the energy builds up, songs end, stagelights go blue (or black) and it takes far too long till another song (or solo!) starts...

ok, gnr played on the last day of a festival; so people were already tired (it was soooo damn hot all the time)...
i thought that axl`s magic would change all that... but that only happened during a few moments and songs.
so i went home with mixed emotions and without having heard "rhiad", "CD", "catcher" (which i knew) or "twat"


Il suono era molto buono,meglio che a Budapest,le canzoni nuove son state recepite sostanzialmente bene,la canzoni di AFD suonate bene,la coppia Finck e Fortus ha suonato bene quanto Bumblefoot ma ci son stati troppi assoli,l'unico che salva è stato quello su Beautiful[.
La gente secondo lui era stanca e non si è scatenata del tutto.


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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
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Altra piccola recensione in attesa di tempi migliori...

The concert was so fucking amazing. axl and the band were so great. they got on stage at 23.53, only 8minutes late. Smiley after the first 3 songs axl brought the stage manager tom ... on stage. we all sang happy birthday for him. axl was in a very good mood, though he always talked about 'hello, vienna'. *g* that was fun.
later during the show we sang happy birthday again for dizzy. sebastian bach was there for my michelle. izzy was there for 5(!) songs. it was by far the best concert is was ever attending (though or because i didn't drink).
the funny thing is, not that much people knew the new tracks, but i was singing (or more like screaming) to them and the people around just looked at me like if i was totally fucked up or i don't know. rofl

i took about 50 pictures, just copying them on the hdd. gonna put the good ones up during the next hours.

Concerto grandissimo.Band alla grande.Son saliti sul palco con solo 8 minuti di ritardo alle 23.53.Axl dopo 3 canzoni ha fatto salire sul palco il boss del palco Tom.Tutti gli han cantato buon compleanno.Axl parlava di Vienna etc.
Han cantato poi avanti lo show buon compleanno a Dizzy.Izzy ha fatto 5 canzoni,Bach ha cantato My Michelle.Il concerto più bello che abbia mai visto.
Le canzoni nuove non le conoscevano in tanti e quando il recensore cantava le canzoni nuove tutti lo guardavano strano.

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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
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la prima...

ma quanto è bella sta foto!!!


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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
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questo è il link,solo che bisogna registrarsi...non ho appurato se è gratuito,a pagamento ma ci son i provini


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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
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recensione del"famigerato"Sladdi di

openers were quite ok. i'd hate to say it but even the bloodhound gang was pretty good - interacted a lot with the crowd, they went a lot into the national stuff - thanking us for arnold schwarzenegger etc. you can say they were well prepared for the austrian crowd. and it's amazing how often they used the words "gay" and "schwul" within one hour. not to forget that pissing incident hahaha... gross. they said we are a great crowd, and that we deserve GN'R! tool was good as well. interesting music.

attendance during gnr was about 40,000 i think. surely one of gnrs longest show ever. i could swear it was nearly 3 hours. it started off perfect... usual intro... sound, axl and band, everything fits! people were very into it...
usual setlist so far, afer live and let die the band plays happy birthday to their stage manager (tony something) - axl says something in the words of 'tony doesn't like to be where he is right now...' and they proceed singing happy birthday. it goes into madagascar from there, and i tell you... all the bootlegs don't do justice to axls singing. when you listen to it live, it's a complete new world.

robin's first solo was an interesting tune, i think i haven't heard it before. problem (for the other people) was that he took a little longer. some booes there. i liked pretty much all solos. i think there were some not-before-heard ones...

better live totally kicked ass. much applause from audience.

happy birthday song to dizzy - axl said something like 'no cake? give him a cheeseburger!'

what else... Used To Love Her with izzy was _the shit_. you can say, the band really rehearsed it a few times. robin played some sweet lead to it. bumblefoot played the whole don't cry, and nightrain, IRS and patience must have been the best live played ones ever. also rocket queen, sort of my special favourite song... and it had some very, very, VERY cool beginning - it was different, i can't put it in other words... no waiting for paradise city, started right after rocket queen. crowd went nuts!

random stuff.......

i don't recall anyone fucking up any song big.

man do austrian people clap a lot during songs.

people were most impressed by richard.

brain played the first few songs with his whole face covered in a bandana or something.

front row really liked robin, touched him a lot when he came near.

saw a helicopter flying to the areal during bloodhound gangs show. i thought it was axl.

seriously, they should really consider releasing this show as some live dvd. it really had everything you could ask for. the camera crew did a great job as you could see on the screen.

please forgive me not having video bootlegged the show. i had such a great view to the stage and to the screen, i could have easily made the best bootleg ever. i really didn't want to risk anything at my first gnr show.

on a finishing note i have to say, the festival was terribly organized. our 'driver' suffered a last-minute injury and we had to go by train. if you have no car, you're fucked. 70 kilometers way from vienna to nickelsdorf, additionally 10 kilometers between train station and festival area - completely overloaded buses take you there. after bus there are 2 more kilometers to walk. you're finally there, it smells, wrecked toilet facilities, uninterested personell, shit people. well, that's a festival for you.

either way, i can now say i've seen them live - and i can now emotionally sense every other review i read because i have witnessed one of the best shows a band can have. i know what it means to see GNR live!

thanks to the band, their manager, and everyone involved making it possible.

setlist (taken from forum... i confirm it)

Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live And Let Die
Happy Birthday to the stage manager
Robin Solo
Sweet Child O' Mine
Band Jazz
Dizzy Solo
The Blues
Jazz Jam
Richard+Robin Solo (Beautiful)
You Could Be Mine
Knockin On Heavens Door
November Rain
Band Intro
Bumblefoot Solo (full Don't Cry)
Out Ta Get Me
Happy Birthday to Dizzy
My Michelle (w Sebastian Bach)
Izzy Introduction
Think About You (w Izzy)
Used To Love Her (w Izzy)
Bumblefoot Solo
Nightrain (w Izzy)
Patience (w Izzy)
Rocket Queen
Paradise City (w Izzy)
Qui si parla di 40000 persone(quindi nessuno sa di preciso quanto ci sian stati...ho letto anche 80000 e addirittura 110000 vabbe).Gnr puntuali e han suonato quasi 3 ore.Dopo Live and let die Axl ha fatto gli auguri al suo stage manager qua chiamato Tony(nda Tom) e detto che "Tony non si vorrebbe trovare dov'e 'adesso"dopo che l'ha presentato sul palco e ha intonato con la folla"Buon compleanno".Poi han fatto Madagascar e cmq tutti i bootlegs non rendono giustizia alla voce di Axl.
L'assolo di Robin era qualcosa di nuovo che nn aveva mai suonato,qualcuno l ha fischiato per la lunghezza ma in generale Sladdi parla bene degli assoli(nda ovviamente sua opinione visto che leggeranno i soliti criticatuttoadognicostovivaiv elvetrevolveramoscottweiland).
Better suonata molto bene e con applausi dalla gente(nda in altra recensione invece sembrava la cantassero pochi,decidiamoci ehehe).
I used to love her fatta in quella maniera con Izzy faceva cagare,si vede che l'han provata poco.Ron ha fatto tutta Don't cry e cmq ci son state bellissime versioni di Patience e Rocket Queen.
La gente ha apprezzato molto Richard Fortus e le prime fila Robin Finck.
Axl ha poi fatto cantare buon compleanno alla gente x Dizzy dicendo"Nessun dolce?Dategli un cheeseburgher".
Brain ha suonato le prime canzoni con la faccia avvolta completamente in una bandana.
Il festival era organizzato in maniera disastrosa....
Axl sembra essere arrivato in elicottero mentre suonavano i Bloodhoud gang

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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
« Risposta #16 il: 18 Giugno 2006, 21:04:pm »
Appeno tornato dall'austria stanco morto
ma concerto ottimo (molto meglio di Milano) ottimo suono
nei prossimi giorni spero dipoter inviare immagini e piccoli video (ora vado a dormire)
una miriade di persone , non come a milano dove erano quasi tutti per i GnR , hanno dato un ottima accoglienza ad Axl & C.
Ottimo Izzy che ride con il pubblico e scherza con la band
cmq raccolgo le idee e vi racconto meglio nei prossimi giorni

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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
« Risposta #17 il: 18 Giugno 2006, 21:32:pm »
Appena tornato dal Nova Rock...
che dire... CONCERTO ASSURDO!!!   #31 #32  #22
Setlist da paura, canzoni eseguite alla perfezione, sound PERFETTO (ero in prima fila), molte chicche come I used to love her e vari jam.
Una cosa molto bella era che AXL e la band erano molto molto contenti. Lo zio rideva in continuazione, scherzava e si divertiva molto.
Il concerto era molto lungo...2h45 circa.   #31
Le canzoni erano veramente tutte belle. Credo che My Michelle non l'hanno mai eseguita cosi bene...insieme con Sebastian facevano grandi numeri: Axl voce veramente potente  #12.
Le nuove erano fantastiche, le vecchie ancora di più...mah...non lo so neanch'io.
Lasciatemi stare...sono ancora sotto shock!!!   #29

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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
« Risposta #18 il: 18 Giugno 2006, 23:14:pm »
Bene mi fà piacere leggere queste recensioni!

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Re: [17/6/2006 - Nova Rock, AUSTRIA] foto, recensioni, altro...
« Risposta #19 il: 19 Giugno 2006, 01:27:am »
Ragazzi...amici...gunners di tutto il mondo!!! dopo ogni data leggo i vostri commenti e tutte le volte ne rimango estasiato!!!
Axl sempre più in forma, canta sempre meglio,quell'uomo è il vero dio della musica!!!un mito vivente!!!
Ma chi come lui riesce a trasmettere tanta carica a così tanti anni da quando era il re incontrastato del palco!!
é una macchina da palco!un mostro vivente che non si ferma davanti a nulla!!!l'emblema della rockstar!!!A me basta un suo sguardo x capire quanta grinta ha addosso!!!
Ragazzi siamo fortunati nell'averlo visto dal vivo e nel poterlo rivedere!!!
io non ho più parole!!!